Multi-Parcel Drop-box Information

The new SQ25 range of multi-parcel delivery drop-boxes


The SQ25 is the replacement for the A4 and its internal operation has been revamped making it much simpler. This is a top opening drop-box rather than front opening and is better at preventing rain from entering the secure storage compartment. In fact it can be considered to be effectively waterproof.
The SQ25 has a different approach to security as well. It's been designed to do away with an anti-fishing device by reducing any gaps so there is no room to extract your deliveries via the delivery door.
The SQ25 has the same great corrosion protection as the A4 and has been styled to enhance any property.
You won't find a better drop-box on the market today.
Parcel Delivery Drop-box SQ25-30

How it works!
Parcel Delivery Drop-box SQ25-30 1

The delivery driver simply opens the delivery door and places the parcel into the delivery bin.
Your unique bar code on the inside of the delivery door can be scanned if necessary to provide proof of delivery.
After the delivery door is closed the parcel drops down into the secure, locked, collection compartment ready for retrieval at your convenience.
Parcel Delivery Drop-box SQ25-30 2
Parcel Delivery Drop-box SQ25-30 3

Some design ideas; make it look the way you want it!
Cabinet design collage

Drop-box colours; choose from these 10 great shades!
Cabinet colours

Drop-box options; make it work the way you want it!
SQ25-30 locking bar
Locking bar
A locking bar can be attached to the rear of the drop-box to allow it to be secured to gate, fence, wall or drain pipe using a bicycle lock or cable. This means the drop-box does not have to be permanently fixed in place.
You can wheel the drop-box out on days when you are expecting a delivery, lock it in place and then wheel it back in again when you have finished using it.
The standard drop-box has a single lever which secures the collection door. A triple locking point system has two additional locking levers which operate into the top and bottom of the door frame to give extra security.
Triple locking points are not always necessary as the single point is strong. Use triple locking points in situations where security is more of an issue and consider whether to use the castors and locking bar  packs to allow the drop-box to be put away after use.
SQ25-30 3-point locking upgrade
3-point locking
SQ25-30 rear castors option
Rear castors
The castor pack allows the drop-box to be moved more easily especially if the drop-box is not going to be left in place permanently. Included in this pack is a pair of castors to be fitted to the rear of the drop-box which will work together with the standard front legs already fitted to the front of the drop-box.
An additional pack can be ordered to make the drop-box entirely mobile. The additional pack will replace the standard front legs.
SQ25 lock upgrade
SQ25 lock upgrade
The standard lock has 200 differs. This means that there are 200 different variations of the lock each with its own unique key pattern. The lock and keys after the first 200 are just a copy of one of the first 200.
So that means that the more unique key patterns that are available, the less likely it is that somebody else will have the same key as you.
An upgrade to the standard lock will give 2000 differs before a key pattern is repeated.
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