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I'm a micro business based in Leicester and work in the tradition of an independent craftsman.

To me the best reason to get up in the morning is to have another day doing what I really enjoy. To be able to come up with exciting ideas and put them into practice is the best job I could have. Thinking of concepts, making them work, making them look great is extremely satisfying!

I make my products to the highest standards whilst charging a fair price that reflects the actual work and cost of materials put into them. I am committed to providing the best business practices so that you can have confidence that you're getting the best product.

Many thanks for your interest

Graham Browne

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Please use the form below should you need to contact me for any reason or:

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  • or write to me at Graham Browne, 31 Woodbridge road, Leicester, LE4 7RH
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  • or call 07999 844 257 if urgent

Please also visit my FAQs page where your query might already have been answered.

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